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Tennis Tower (Range of Ball Machines)

Tower above the opposition with one of Tennis Tutor's premium ball machines. Huge range of machines and accessories to choose from!

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Tennis Tower Tennis Ball Machines - Lift Your Tennis Game!

The Tennis Tower will have you scaling your way to the top with it's world-class training features, and simplistic user-friendly control interface.Another popular Tennis Ball Machine utilised by ATP tennis players, the Tennis Tower range are renowned for their modest and simple design, uncomplicated operation, and are regarded as one of the most reliable, long-standing machines in the industry.Choose from 3 ball machines to see what model will benefit your tennis game and maximise your potential:For those looking to obtain Home Court advantage, THE COMPETITOR & COMPETITOR CLASSIC are a perfect game, set and match for your court. Every function is at a player's fingertips; from ball speed & trajectory to interval and spin. Ideal for beginners and even the most advanced players, ball speeds can be altered from a 'gentle toss' for juniors to world class screamers for professionals.With so much control, you can easily duplicate the shots you need to improve, or utilise the built-in oscillator to mix play up with randomly generated strokes & lobs.Together with the elevation setting display, exclusive anti-jam ball feeding mechanism, and 10 second start-up time delay, it's easy to see why so many players and tennis facilities look to the Tennis Tower Competitor & Classic model.Also the Tower's feature 4 oversized caster wheels and a built-in extended handle for enhanced portability, as well as a convenient AC cord-holder to keep things tidy on & off court. Please Note: The Competitor Classic Model is the same as the Competitor, but does NOT feature ball spin control. The CLUB model takes all the best features and fundamental aspects of the Competitor model, but adds a touch of class and convenience with a 2 Button wireless remote control that enables a player to start & stop ball delivery, and set the oscillator to deliver balls anywhere on court. The PROFESSIONAL PLAYER Tennis Tower retains all of the standard features, but includes a pre-programmed two-line function which can be controlled from the user interface; shooting balls to 2 preset positions at the touch of a switch - great for doubles play training or a single player working on alternating forehand and backhand strokes.Select your challenge from random, 2-line narrow, or 2-line wide, and enjoy the test of a higher-speed oscillation. It also features one of the most technologically advanced training aids that a machine can possess - the 'Player Simulator', a program that automatically adhere's to a player's ability (also dependent on which difficulty selected), then picks appropriate speeds and ballspin, before deciding oscillation position & depth on court. You can also customise this feature to your heart's content by adding/subtracting speed, trajectory and spin as and when you like.Choose between the 2-Button Remote that controls ball delivery & oscillation, or the Multi-Function Remote that controls all aspects of the machine, completely mimicking the Tennis Tower Professional's interface for familiarity. A beep will emit from the Tower everytime a signal is successfully received. 



  • Mains (AC) - 100W Maximum


  • Ball Capacity - 225 Balls
  • Ball Trajectories - Groundstroke to Lob
  • Ball Speed (Max) - 85 mph
  • Ball Feed - 1.5 to 12 Seconds
  • Ball Spin - Top & Backspin


  • 44" (H) x 23" (L) x 22" (W)


  • 27kg / 60lbs



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