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As one of the larger tennis clubs in Cheshire, with membership nearly topping 300, Glan Aber Tennis Club has been established for well over 100 years and always look to Net World Sports to provide equipment for their four all-weather courts, two all purpose courts for public use, a multi-use-games-area, outdoor gym and pavilion.

With the constant need to get new equipment to complement their current range, Glan Aber tennis club discovered Net World Sports’ HQ was just a stone’s throw away from them in Chester and have been purchasing from us ever since.

Vermont Square Tennis Posts and DT Championship Tennis Nets at Glan Aber Tennis Club

“I found Net World Sports by chance on the internet and realised it was relatively close to Glan Aber Tennis Club so that I could collect directly from their warehouse. The sales team have always been hugely helpful and it’s never been a problem to collect products from them at short notice. I typically order by phone and the products are always there ready when I come to collect. Net World Sports always offer first class service.”

Sue Britton, Secretary of Glan Aber Tennis Club

Over recent years, Glan Aber has regularly purchased Dunlop Fort All Court tennis balls, the club’s ball of choice directly from our sales team, as well as Tennis Court Windbreaks, Vermont 3.5mm DT Championship Tennis Nets , Tennis Net Headline Wire Cables and our Vermont Tennis Posts themselves.

Building up such a great customer relationship over the years, we have also over the past 12 months gained a fantastic working relationship with Glan Aber too. Less than 15 miles from Net World Sports’ HQ, our Visual Content team have been utilising the facilities at Glan Aber Tennis Club for product and marketing photoshoots. “It’s always a pleasure to meet the team who are young and enthusiastic when they come to the club for photoshoots,” explains Sue. “They’re always ever-willing to help where they can!”

You’ll catch the Glan Aber Tennis Clubs’ courts in a variety of our tennis imagery on our website, social media and wider marketing mix… keep an eye out!


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