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    FORZA 8 x 2.5 PVC Mini Target Hockey Goal

    FORZA PVC Mini Hockey Goal

    Special Price QAR919.99

    Regular Price: QAR1,199.99

  2. Sale
    FORZA ProFlex Hockey Goals [3 Sizes] | Net World Sports

    FORZA ProFlex Pop Up Hockey Goals [3 Sizes]

    Special Price QAR1,299.99

    Regular Price: QAR1,999.99

  3. Sale
    Hockey Goal For Juniors | Net World Sports

    FORZA 3m x 1.8m Hockey Goal

    Special Price QAR1,299.99

    Regular Price: QAR1,624.99

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    FIH FORZA Championship Hockey Goal

    FORZA Championship Hockey Goal

    Special Price QAR15,199.99

    Regular Price: QAR17,599.99

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    Pro Hockey Goal | Net World Sports

    Pro Street Hockey Goal

    Special Price QAR1,569.99

    Regular Price: QAR1,959.99

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    Hockey Goal Nets | Hockey | Net World Sports

    Hockey Goal Nets

    Special Price QAR369.99

    Regular Price: QAR469.99

  7. Sale
    Blue Twine Hockey Goal Nets

    FORZA Replacement Hockey Goal Nets

    Special Price QAR799.99

    Regular Price: QAR1,039.99

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    Field Hockey Balls For Sale

    FORZA Match Dimple Hockey Balls

    Special Price QAR179.99

    Regular Price: QAR229.99

  9. Sale
    Hockey Practice Buffer Pad | Net World Sports Australia

    Hockey Practice Buffer Pad

    Special Price QAR999.99

    Regular Price: QAR1,224.99

  10. Sale
    Hockey Ball Machine - Field Hockey Ball Shooting Machine

    Hockey Ball Delivery Machine - [Club Attacker]

    Special Price QAR3,219.99

    Regular Price: QAR4,039.99

  11. Sale
    Ball Carry Cart

    Multi-Sport Ball Carry Cart [Tennis, Hockey, Cricket & Lacrosse]

    Special Price QAR1,099.99

    Regular Price: QAR1,399.99

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    Football Training Bibs For Sale

    FORZA Pro Training Vests [5 - 15 Packs]

    Special Price QAR64.99

    Regular Price: QAR89.99

  13. Multibuy! Save Up To 10%
    FORZA Hockey Marker Cones

    FORZA Hockey Training Marker Cones [5 Colours]

    Special Price QAR89.99

    Regular Price: QAR129.99

  14. Multibuy! Save Up To 10%
    Best Hockey Marker Cones for Sale

    FORZA Hockey Training Marker Cones

    Special Price QAR99.99

    Regular Price: QAR129.99

  15. Sale
    Innovative  Marker Cone Collection Tool

    FORZA Training Cone Collector [Cone Champ]

    Special Price QAR89.99

    Regular Price: QAR129.99

  16. Sale
    FORZA FLASH Pop-Up Target Goals [Pair] | Net World Sports

    FORZA Pop-Up Target Goals

    Special Price QAR129.99

    Regular Price: QAR179.99

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    FORZA Hockey Passing Arcs (Hockey, Lacrosse & Handball Set)Back  Reset  Delete  Duplicate  Save  Save and Continue Edit

    FORZA Hockey Passing Arcs

    Special Price QAR169.99

    Regular Price: QAR239.99

  18. Sale
    FORZA Hockey Mannequins

    FORZA Hockey Mannequins

    Special Price QAR319.99

    Regular Price: QAR499.99

  19. Sale
    Astroturf Football Equipment

    FORZA Rubber Base for Free Kick Mannequins

    Special Price QAR239.99

    Regular Price: QAR329.99

  20. Sale
    RapidFire Hockey Rebound Net | Goalkeeper Reaction Training | Net World Sports

    RapidFire Handheld Hockey Rebounder

    Special Price QAR344.99

    Regular Price: QAR439.99

  21. Sale
    Large RapidFire Mega Rebounder Net World Sports

    RapidFire Mega Rebounder

    Special Price QAR1,119.99

    Regular Price: QAR1,839.99

  22. Sale
    AstroTurf Field Hockey Mannequins

    FORZA ASTRO Hockey Mannequins [Includes Bases]

    Special Price QAR534.99

    Regular Price: QAR669.99

  23. Sale
    RapidFire Mega X Hockey Rebounder | High & Low Rebound Section | Net World Sports

    RapidFire Mega X Hockey Rebounder

    Special Price QAR1,299.99

    Regular Price: QAR1,839.99

  24. Sale
    RAPIDFIRE Hockey Rebound Board | Net World Sports

    RapidFire Hockey Target Board

    Special Price QAR1,299.99

    Regular Price: QAR1,699.99

  25. Sale
    Katchet Cricket Fielding Training Aid

    Katchet Training Aid

    Special Price QAR424.99

    Regular Price: QAR559.99

  26. Sale
    FORZA Astro Slalom Poles

    FORZA ASTRO Slalom Poles With Bases [1.5m or 1.8m High]

    Special Price QAR709.99

    Regular Price: QAR899.99

  27. Multibuy! Save Up To 18%
    Best Training Equipment for Fitness Drills

    1.5m Spring Loaded Slalom Training Poles [25mm]

    Special Price QAR239.99

    Regular Price: QAR399.99

  28. Multibuy! Save Up To 29%
    6ft High 34mm Spring Loaded Slalom Training Poles FORZA

    FORZA 1.8m Spring Loaded Slalom Training Poles [34mm]

    Special Price QAR319.99

    Regular Price: QAR499.99

  29. Sale
    Slalom Pole Storage Bag With Handle

    FORZA Slalom Training Pole Carry Bag

    Special Price QAR99.99

    Regular Price: QAR179.99

  30. Sale
    Training Hurdle Carry Bag for Sports Clubs

    FORZA Training Hurdle Carry Bag

    Special Price QAR44.99

    Regular Price: QAR64.99

  31. Sale
    Speed & Agility Hockey Training Ladder

    Speed & Agility Hockey Training Ladder

    Special Price QAR54.99

    Regular Price: QAR79.99

  32. Sale
    Adjustable Training Hurdles | Net World Sports

    Adjustable Training Hurdles [1.2m/1.5m]

    Special Price QAR439.99

    Regular Price: QAR599.99

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    FORZA Superdome Cone Hurdle Set

    FORZA Superdome Cone Hurdle Set

    Special Price QAR399.99

    Regular Price: QAR559.99

  34. Sale
    Hurdle Pole Extension Kit | Net World Sports

    FORZA Hurdle/Agility Poles & Clips

    Special Price QAR79.99

    Regular Price: QAR139.99

  35. Sale
    FORZA Training Lines

    Vermont Throwdown Training Lines

    Special Price QAR189.99

    Regular Price: QAR259.99

  36. Sale
    Boundary Pole Base [1.25kg]

    Boundary Pole Base - Pack of 4 [1.5kg]

    Special Price QAR179.99

    Regular Price: QAR239.99

As Hockey is ever increasing in popularity, the demand for quality hockey equipment is at its highest. Here at Net World Sports, customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we stock a diverse and ever-expanding range of hockey accessories and equipment. From our own incredible FORZA Hockey Balls to strong and sturdy Hockey Goals, you can kit out your pitch to professional standards!

Our amazing freestanding hockey goal is constructed from tough steel to ensure an extra-long service life, meaning you have years and years to perfect those deflection shots! This hockey goal is an eye-catching addition to any pitch, with its traditional design and robust stature, it’s sure to add a touch of class to your set-up! Upgrade your hockey goal with the addition of wheels, which are suitable for any surface and allow for easy manoeuvrability, so no need to restrict your practice, the sky is the limit!

We also stock stylish socketed goals for a professional, semi-permanent set-up at any hockey pitch. Customise your goal with a choice of practice or regulation backboards to suit your hockey team’s needs. The practice backboard comes in a size of 7 inches high, while the regulation size is 18 inches high, ideal for match day! Whether you’re playing on grass or artificial turf, our heavy-duty goals are suitable for a range of pitch surfaces.

If you’re looking to step up your hockey practice sessions, why not add a folding mini target goal! It’s incredibly lightweight so you can pick it up and place it wherever suits you, mix up your training sessions by keeping things fresh! This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on sturdiness however, as it is made from steel and aluminium parts, meaning its tough frame can withstand great force from your cracking low shots. This unique mix of materials ensures your mini hockey goal provides great value for money by lasting over a decade. Keep your field hockey drills on top form by moving the goal positioning to keep your team on their toes and prepared for anything!

Revamp your current hockey goals with our range of eye-catching coloured hockey nets, opt for the classic London blue or available in any colour upon request! A fun way to add colour to your pitch and match your team’s colours, while guaranteeing top quality for your hockey team. Made with 3mm braided twine to create a thick and tough net, guaranteed to go the distance no matter what comes its way! Rep your team colours with pride on match day and let the opposition know who are the champions!

At Net World Sports we have created our own premium brand of hockey balls for match days or hockey training sessions. Our FORZA balls proudly display a dimpled exterior design, which provide you with ultimate ball control. Its crisp white, PVC shell combined with a cork interior boasts a long lifespan whilst being able to withstand impact from even the hardest shots. Suitable for use on AstroTurf, grass or water based pitches, so no matter where the games take you, your FORZA hockey balls can handle it! Our premium brand is competitively priced against other leading brands such as Kookaburra and Slazenger hockey balls, so you can get the quality you want, without breaking the bank!

Keep your midfielder sharp with our powerful Hockey Ball Delivery Machine! It’s an ideal training device for coaches during hockey practice sessions, as it helps players perform in fast, high pressure situations when it shoots hockey balls out at speeds of up to 70kph! It has variable speeds and angles to get your team ready for action, which is great for goalkeepers to increase reflexes and practice defending the goal from all angles. Keep your game sharp and get prepared for anything with our amazing delivery machine!

Transport your hockey balls in style with our outstanding Hockey Ball Carry Cart! This perfect pitch-side partner is made with an ultra-strong steel frame and a tough mesh netting which insures a long service life, making it a true investment! The huge ball capacity and handy manoeuvrability of this carry cart makes it a great choice for coaching classes or large groups. It’s complete with anti-puncture wheels so you can easily move around a vast amount of sports ball wherever you go, you’ll have a ball with this hockey ball trolley!

Train like Kate Richardson-Walsh, one of the hockey greats, with our comprehensive range of hockey training equipment. Our Hockey Practice Chipping Blocks are the perfect addition to your training drills as you flick and chip your hockey ball over the top. Use your hockey stick to dribble the ball around it to quicken your pace. This block helps to improve quick flick passes and sharpen your stick work, it will soon become a firm favourite in your training kit!

Our Hockey Practice Buffer Pad is a great addition to your kit as it has multiple uses! It can be used to provide protection for the goal backboards, keeping your backboard clean and in tip-top condition ahead of match day. One pad fits against the backboard of a standard hockey goal, and 16 pads fit the width of an average hockey pitch. This means your pitch be divided for multiple games or training drills. This buffer pad can be used to contain hockey balls to the area you want them in, no more chasing after stray balls! It is created from firm foam and PVC covered to protect from the elements, so you can continue training no matter the weather!

Of course, no hockey training equipment is complete without our essential hockey bibs! Available in a huge range of eye-catching colours and sizes so there’s something for everyone. These hockey bibs are made from lightweight mesh material, which is incredibly fast to dry, meaning they can be used for multiple training sessions a week regardless of the weather conditions. Be sure to add an element of fun to hockey training drills with these brightly coloured bibs, ideal for introducing kids and juniors to the game!

Net World Sports proudly covers all areas of hockey, so roller hockey and street hockey are no exception! Street hockey has never been more stylish, thanks to our high-quality steel goal! Great for playing games with your friends or in a competitive match due to its regulation size and sturdy build. Like all our goals, this street and roller hockey goal is made with top quality, durable materials including a galvanised steel frame and a thick polyester net, which makes it great for outdoor and indoor use. Having this versatile goal means nothing can slow you down!

Play like you’re in the NHL with our Regulation Ice Hockey Goal & Net! Our amazing ice hockey goal is a great addition to any rink. It is made from a heavy-duty steel frame with a thick, durable ice hockey net able to withstand a fast-flying puck or ball. Shoot like Wayne Gretzky with this professional ice hockey goal!

With Net World Sports’ comprehensive range of amazing hockey products, we’re confident you will find something for you, your family and your team! We stock everything from strong hockey goals to the classic hockey ball itself. So whether you’re training to compete in the Hockey World Cup, or preparing for a ferocious match with a rival team, or even just enjoying a friendly game of the much-loved sport, Net World Sports have got you covered!